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$150 Legal Fee + Court Costs for a Simple No Contest NC Divorce · NO COURT APPEARANCE & NO OFFICE VISIT • $400 Separation Agreement

Divorce does not have to be a devastating situation. And in a lot of instances, divorce can be handled in an easy, affordable and amiable manner.
When a divorce is done this way, you're able to get on with your life quickly and easily. The family law Divorce Clinic thinks that your time and money is too valuable to waste it in arguing and in litigation that is only going to cause more harm than good.

The Divorce Clinic specializes in making your divorce an easy and affordable experience. That's why our easy 6 Step no-contest divorce solution is the best option. We have developed an affordable method to obtaining a separation and divorce in the state of North Carolina.

There are only two ways to get a divorce in North Carolina. The first way to obtain a North Carolina divorce is to establish a one year separation. A divorce in North Carolina is typically granted within about 60 days of the date of filing for the divorce.

Obtaining a simple divorce in North Carolina is done with six easy stepsGoing it all by yourself might make separation and divorce be far more difficult. A lack of understanding about when and why lawyers should be consulted stems from a lack of familiarity with what lawyers do. Lawyers have specialized knowledge and skills and recognize that separation and divorce law is full of highly technical rules.

Not all lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of North Carolina family law divorce however The Divorce Clinic has been processing uncontested divorces in North Carolina for over 40 years and is very knowledgeable on your rights. Your choosing the right divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make.

In addition to filing your NC uncontested divorce in an affordable and amiable manner, The Divorce Clinic can answer all of your North Carolina divorce law questions such as:

■ What is an absolute divorce?
■ What are the grounds for absolute divorce in North Carolina?
■ Can I change my name at the time of divorce?
■ Can I get an annulment?
■ Does North Carolina grant divorces based on marital fault?
■ Can we file for divorce together?
■ How does North Carolina divorce law apply to someone married in a foreign country?

Obtaining a simple divorce in North Carolina is done with the friendly, supportive staff at John Walker Attorney Our service includes answering some basic questions about you and your spouse's name and address information inaddition to other necessary details to file both your separation agreement and divorce. This fee will cover everything; phone calls, faxes, photocopies,postage and all other services provided by our firm. Charges for services contracted by outside professionals such as appraisers, child custody evaluators, etc. are not covered in our fees.

So that you can plan accordingly, our consultations are all done over the telephone and last about 15 minutes, but you are not limited to that time. You are encouraged to take the time that you need to be sure all your questions are answered and that you understand how our divorce and separation services work. If you should think of something that didn't get covered, a lot of your questions can be answered here on this web-site on Questions and Answers - No Contest Divorce page

When you are facing family law decisions, you should hire a family law attorney who will provide friendly, straight-forward North Carolina divorce information. Our law firm's success is based on servicing our clients quickly and efficiently.

If you're ready to take the next step, please allow the professionals at The Divorce Clinic to help you get started on the path that's best for you and your family - you can either complete this simple online form so that we have some basic information about you or you can call our office at 1-800-303-0960 or 704-DIVORCE (704-348-6723).

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