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The Divorce Clinic and John Walker Attorney Specialize in Providing Legal Services for Separation and a North Carolina Uncontested Divorce for Families-in-Transition.

Legal Services for Separation and Divorce for North Carolina Families in Transition Life circumstances can cause parents finding themselves raising their children in two different homes. Realizing that the marriage relationship is ending and a new relationship of co-parenting is developing can be unsettling for children in these relationships.

Families-in-Transition Divorces in North CarolinaDivorce in itself can fracture the very foundation of family life. Most parents and children can benefit from resolving the separation and divorce in an amicable manner and avoid most of the traumatic experiences associated with an emotional contested divorce.

We do not provide marital counseling services as it realtes to the Families in Transition (fit) program, but do offer some free resources suggestions available through the North Carolina Courts System, Share Kids and Co-Parenting

What we do provide for families in transition is our family law practice attorney along with legal document specialists and case manager all work together to provide each of our clients a considerate and personalized divorce filing process to resolve their family law issue in a timely and affordable manner.

After filling out the form for a NC simple uncontested divorce, your request is forwarded to our attorney who will contact you and go over your case. Your case is then assigned to our case manager who will work with you step by step to the completion of your divorce as well as giving you access to our voice service Client Management System allowing you to track the steps of your divorce. We of course go over the details of our program and get you started on the path of a simple no-contest divorce.

We are also very affordable, which means that you can rely on us to complete your divorce at an economic price.

Families-in-Transition Divorces in North Carolina We have helped many people in North Carolina, with filing both the separation agreement and the divorce. We are able to offer help to people in all counties in North Carolina.

There is strong evidence that parents
that can negotiate their divorce and effectively cope with the divorce and work together to
meet the needs of their children can positively affect the psychological well-being of the
spouses and the children.
They will also save time and money

John Walker Attorney also provides a North Carolina separation agreement for $400.00 which can specify the following:
■ Property
■ Financial Issues
■ Child Custody and Visitation
■ Parenting
■ Providing answers to your questions about divorce and separtion in North Carolina

A Simple Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina done through John Walker after you and your spouse have been separated for one year is $150.00 plus Cost of Court.

No Court Appearance - We Go for You
If you're ready to take the next step, please allow the family law professionals at the Divorce Clinic to help you get started on the path that's best for you and your family.

$150 Legal Fee + Court Costs for a Simple No Contest NC Divorce • NO COURT APPEARANCE & NO OFFICE VISIT • $400 Separation Agreement

To get started, you can either complete this simple online form so that we have some basic information about you or you can call our office at 1-800-303-0960 or 704-DIVORCE (704-348-6723).

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The Divorce Clinic can do your Separation Agreement & Simple No Contest Divorce for all North Carolina cities, towns & counties.
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